25 January 2017


System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
CPUs: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @1.60GHz
Deps: emacs-24.3-bin-i386.zip, MSYS-1.0.11.exe,

Updated: 12-10-2019

emacs 24.4 added the subr-x library
work on this Post has been shelved
see the commit from 19 Oct. 2018

Installing via MELPA I do not recall the .texi file error appearing,
neither is the test suite run which shows four unexpected results.





Presuming one has installed MSYS-1.0.11 as C:\MSYS and HaskellPlatform
as C:\Programmer\Haskell, and created a C:\MSYS\etc\fstab file with the line
c:/programmer/haskell/mingw /mingw, with emacs-24.3-bin-i386.zip extracted
and moved to C:\Programmer\emacs-24.3, and haskell-mode-master.zip has
been extracted and moved to C:\Programmer\emacs-24.3\site-lisp\haskell-mode,
open an MS® Command Prompt and CD to the MSYS directory, run msys.bat
and then from bash cd to /c/Programmer/emacs-24.3/site-lisp/haskell-mode, and
run the command 'make EMACS=/c/Programmer/emacs-24.3/bin/emacs.exe'.

The file /doc/haskell-mode.texi contains an error on line 1423 needing a ',' after '}'.

hook that will run and generate Emacs @xref{Tags,,,emacs} for the whole

If your github clone or download of haskell-mode-master still contains the error
correct the file before running 'make'.

Running 'make check EMACS=/c/Programmer/emacs-24.3/bin/emacs.exe' resulted
in 4 unexpected FAILs.

Ran 514 tests, 510 results as expected, 4 unexpected (2017-01-31 21:45:23+0100)
126 expected failures

4 unexpected results:
   FAILED  haskell-guess-module-name
   FAILED  haskell-process-wrapper-function-non-identity
   FAILED  test-haskell-process--with-wrapper-compute-process-log-and-command-cabal-repl
   FAILED  test-haskell-process--with-wrapper-compute-process-log-and-command-ghci

The makeinfo -- c option likely is not recognised in texinfo versions prior to the 5.x series,
so the html docs can not be built with GNU texinfo 4.11.

Eric@ERICS-NETBOOK /c/Programmer/emacs-24.3/site-lisp/haskell-mode
$ makeinfo --version | head -1
makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.11

Eric@ERICS-NETBOOK /c/Programmer/emacs-24.3/site-lisp/haskell-mode

Move the build directories' .elc files up one directory to /haskell-mode, and
move haskell-mode.info into /c/Programmer/emacs-24.3/info, add this line
under the 'Emacs editing modes' section in /info/dir, deleting the otherwise
empty build directory, the .gitignore, *.yml files, and Makefile.

* Haskell Mode: (haskell-mode). Haskell Development Environment for Emacs(en)

NB: This post does not allocate for an installation of w3m, consequently neither for the
use of w3m-haddock.elc. It seems imlib2-1.4.5.tar.gz which I'd install for a GNU/Linux
w3m compile has a number of dependencies which at this point of time I don't want to
trouble with on MS® XP.