22 April 2019


System: Slackware Linux (version 14.2)
CPUs: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @1.60GHz

See a previous Post on the Haskell setup (bootstrapping ghc).

When I get around to it I'll see about compatibility of Slackware-14.2's tcl version number with HTk.

bash-4.3$ cabal install uni-htk-          
Resolving dependencies...
Downloading uni-util-
Configuring uni-util-
Building uni-util-
Installed uni-util-
Downloading uni-events-
Configuring uni-events-
Building uni-events-
Installed uni-events-
Downloading uni-reactor-
Downloading uni-posixutil-
Configuring uni-posixutil-
Configuring uni-reactor-
Building uni-reactor-
Building uni-posixutil-
Installed uni-reactor-
Installed uni-posixutil-
Downloading uni-htk-
Configuring uni-htk-
Building uni-htk-
Installed uni-htk-
bash-4.3$ exit

[   ] [   ]