simpleExamples.tcl (tclvfs)

The below has been modified from the original as the first url appearing in the code was no longer maintained, and the remote file sourced has been changed from vfsTest.tcl to vfsTktest.tcl. 

C:\Users\Eric>TYPE simpleExamples.tcl
# the next line restarts using wish \
exec tclsh "$0" ${1+"$@"}

catch {console show}

puts "(pwd is '[pwd]', file volumes is '[file volumes]')"

package require vfs

package require vfs::zip
package require vfs::urltype
package require vfs::ftp
package require vfs::http

puts "Adding ftp:// volume..."
vfs::urltype::Mount ftp
set listing [glob -dir *]
puts " listing"
puts "$listing"
puts "----"
puts "(file volumes is '[file volumes]')"

puts "Adding http:// volume..."
vfs::urltype::Mount http
set fd [open]
set contents [read $fd] ; close $fd
puts "Contents of <> web page"
puts [string range $contents 0 100]
puts "(first 100 out of [string length $contents] characters)"
puts "----"
puts "(file volumes is '[file volumes]')"

puts "Mounting ..."
vfs::ftp::Mount localmount
cd localmount ; cd tcl
puts "(pwd is now '[pwd]' which is effectively a transparent link\
  to a remote ftp site)"
puts "Contents of remote directory is:"
foreach file [glob -nocomplain *] {
    puts "\t$file"
puts "sourcing remote file 'vfsTktest.tcl', using 'source vfsTktest.tcl'"
# This will actually source the contents of a file on the
# remote ftp site (which is now the 'pwd').
source vfsTktest.tcl

puts "Done"